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trOp long le chargement

Absolutely horrible

The app itself is free but all the songs cost money....your best off not even bothering to waste your time with this app

Ripe off

This thing is a ripe off you down load it for free but thats all every thing else you have to pay for two words ripe of and if you want to delete it just hold on to it press x then it well delete it right off.


The ringtones are not free!!! Its bull!! If I could give no stars i WOULD!

Like the sounds!

Will buy "dance babe" to play for my upcoming birthday party! Its awesome!


Dont buy only a ideate would get it be smart dont buy

wish i could rate lower

pointless, stupid, waist of time, not worthdownload!!


Do not get it!!!!! Its a wast of time


This game is so lame stupid and retarted . Theres not enough words to discribe this game

What is this

What is this is this some kind of joke because you do nothing on this game its totally boring with nothing all you do is try to buy stupid dj songs I dont even know what these songs are sorry but whoever made this app just wanted some cash to bad though they will get nothing cause no one will buy anything here I give this zero stars in reality take it from me if u want to see it yourself be my guest waste your time but its so stupid I cant even express how dumb it is sorry but it is :/


It crashes EVERY TIME I WANNA GO INTO IT!!! Soooo stupid dont get it!! Its a waste of time!!

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